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Red Hat Linux Systems Engineer

Work with a creative team at the US Naval Research Laboratory as a skilled Linux System Administrator. Learn new technologies like Kubernetes and Docker as the team works to create a cloud-by-default environment!

An active DOD Top Secret Clearance with ability to obtain a SCI clearance is required for this position.

The project

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Since 2002, Zurka has provided development and support services to the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. This work includes the creation of web-based applications, an intranet platform, public-facing websites, logos, and widgets. Additionally, the Zurka team has provided NRL with IT and cybersecurity support for Windows, Linux and Macintosh systems. While some of our team members work directly on site with our NRL client, others support NRL from our Tysons Corner headquarters. As a world-class research institution, NRL has influenced our desire to balance technological innovation with a pragmatic approach, ensuring that we deliver high-quality products that pertain to the real world.

Web Applications

Over 5,000 individuals make up the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, and nearly all of them use at least one web-based application that Zurka Interactive staff helped build. The applications that we’ve contributed to power numerous internal processes at NRL. Examples of these processes include the following: online training; research facility management; funding allocation; Common Access Cards (CAC); surveys; reporting; and content management.

IT Support

Zurka staff members manage, secure and support hundreds of systems and users at NRL across various architectures and networks. The team is sharp, hardworking and collaborative. Zurka staffers work closely with researchers who often have unique requirements. The Zurka team works diligently to meet these unique requirements while maintaining the strongest possible security posture.


The Naval Research Lab is full of brilliant scientists, engineers and academics. With our support, Zurka has added design expertise to that mix. We’ve created the graphic design and user interface for the main NRL website; design for NRL email newsletters; Drupal themes for external and internal websites; and web application UI. Additionally, the Zurka team has been responsible for designing a handful of logos as well as delivering occasional print jobs.

Who we are

About us
Zurka is an innovative information technology company that marries engaging design with advanced technology.
Our approach
Our approach is to partner with our clients to identify problems; determine goals; and build efficient, integrated, operational information technology solutions.
Our process
Our process is adaptive, responsive and transparent from start to finish. We believe that our success is measured by the success of our clients.

Our capabilities

There are three parts to e-commerce: 1) technology; 2) customer experience; and 3) marketing. Zurka staff has expertise in all three and can play whatever role makes the most sense for your company. We’ve built websites that sell both products and services online. If it’s simple and straightforward, great — let’s get it built, and roll it out. If the product or the purchasing process is inherently complicated, that’s ok, too. We’ll find a way to turn it into a simple and elegant transaction.

As technology advances, so does the complexity of the systems deployed within an organization. Zurka provides operational IT support for large and small organizations, both remotely and at a client’s site. This includes system administration for Linux, Windows, Active Directory, Exchange, Apache, MySQL, SCCM, Desktop Central, PCI Compliance, Help Desk Support and more.


For those who don’t know, being lean isn’t about having a small budget. In a nutshell, it’s about taking a scientific approach to testing a concept, developing a product, or building a company. We want to understand what your core assumptions are and develop experiments to validate your thinking.

Mobile computing is exploding. Gartner expects tablet sales to overtake computer sales this year and that doesn’t include the fact that world wide mobile phone sales are almost an order of magnitude higher than computer sales are today. For us, that means ensuring that everything we deliver is easily consumed through a mobile device.

We’ve had exceptional success in our SEO efforts. It doesn’t come from tricks, magic or a secret formula. Our SEO success comes from taking an authentic, synergistic approach. Google wants to show users great content for a given search term. We see it as our job to help Google understand what our pages are all about, that the content is valuable and give Google’s users what they are looking for. When we do that, everyone wins: Google, the users, and our customers.

We like to talk to clients early in the planning phase. We help them tease out the goals, stakeholders, audience and other key parameters. With stakeholders in multiple departments of a large organization we may facilitate the discussion through interactive exercises. With a startup we might come to the table with a competitive analysis or a short list of technical approaches for consideration.

Moving procedures, records or almost any other activity online can reduce the time it takes and improve the quality of the outcomes. At Zurka, we have built numerous web-based applications for organizations both large and small. There have been online training systems, e-commerce engines, customer relationship management tools, job boards, resume databases and all manner of data management tools. What they all had in common is a complex challenge where an off-the-shelf solution wasn’t going to do the job, at least not without a little help.

Zurka has been building websites since the early ’90s. In the past few decades, we’ve witnessed an exponential growth in online opportunity. At Zurka, we collaborate with our clients to build websites that provide an intuitive experience for visitors, and include functionality that moves the organization forward, and represent their organization in the best possible light.

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