A Hiring Surge

A hiring surge is a sudden, significant increase in the demand for personnel during an otherwise stable hiring period.

Hiring surges can be expensive and unable to deliver within the allotted time frame. In fact, a 2016 report by the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) revealed that it takes $4,129 and 42 days for the average company to fill a vacancy. If you extrapolate those values under surge hiring conditions without scaling the organization, all costs can grow significantly.

Often when a surge in hiring is required, the HR department works within its capabilities and capacity. Surges usually exceed these internal boundaries resulting in organizations engaging talent platforms as a viable alternative for the organization.


The Surge Cycle

Surge hiring differs greatly from the standard hiring cycle. The marketing and the development of the talent pool for sourcing and recruitment requires an efficient an effective approach to timely deliver the required number of quality candidates.

The staffing for a surge recruiting effort is a multiple of the standard recruiting cycle. The sourcers and recruiters work in sprints to move candidates quickly through the pipeline, ensuring shortened cycle times, quality results and multiple offers and hires.

The investment to maintain the current talent pool in a surge hiring cycle pays dividends through higher response rates which is essential in the realization of short cycle times and cost reduction. Additional recruiters expedite the vetting of the talent pool.


Talent Platforms

Companies are taking advantage of an on-demand workforce to provide them with labor force flexibility, scalability, accelerated time to market and business model Innovation.

There are 3 different types of talent platforms: premium talent platforms; freelance work platforms; and crowdsource innovation platforms. These platforms can be ideally engaged to handle surge hiring.

Premium Talent Platforms are high end, niche experts that enhance and extend the capabilities of the company. Under surge hiring conditions they are ideal to hire: IT Specialists; Intel Analysts; Management Consultants; and Project / Program Managers.

Adapted from the HBR Article: "Rethinking the On-Demand Workforce" by Joseph Fuller, Manjari Raman, Allison Bailey, and Nithya Vaduganathan


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The Business Case for Surge Recruitment Outsourcing

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