SG2 Fact Sheet

Your needs

SG2 Recruiting is an hourly recruiting and staffing agency. We call that Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). With RPO,  you outsource all or part of your hiring process into the hands of experienced, external, talent sourcers and recruiters.

Why choose RPO over traditional fee based recruiting?

Recruiting fees can be as high as 35% of a new hire’s 1st year salary. For startups or smaller organizations this can be a huge cost. Hourly recruiting dramatically reduces these barriers to hiring and enables you to accelerate the process and limit the overall costs. You decide the budget and we deliver the candidates.

Is staffing an option for your organization?

Yes, absolutely. By taking advantage of SG2’s staffing services and depending upon your specific needs, we can have our tech and/or recruiting team on location this week. This dramatically reduces your costs, accelerates your revenue streams and allows you to grow in line with your success.

Our Services

Our Talent

This is just a sample of the private and public sector talent that we provide to our clients.