RPO Start

Does your organization need to fill 1 or 2 key positions today but is unsure about its future hiring needs? This is where Recruiting Process Outsourcing Start (RPO Start) can help. RPO Start can deliver the flexibility of contingency recruiting while reducing some of its less attractive attributes like the cost-of-hire or the lack of talent pipeline ownership.

How does RPO Start work?

Using our proprietary methodologies, SG2 finds your candidate and places them within your organization using a traditional “contingency” pricing model. If your hiring needs grow within the coming year and we upgrade you to an annual contract with one of our other RPO services, we will credit you a significant portion of your RPO Start fee and give you ownership of the talent pipeline.

Why would you use RPO start?

  • You are only familiar with contingency recruiting;
  • You want to optimize your hiring budget;
  • You presently have less than two open positions; or
  • You are unsure of your future talent needs.

RPO Start reduces your risks and gives you the flexibility that you need in hiring for the future.