RPO Consult

Successful organizations often form a talent hiring team composed of hiring managers, department personnel and recruiting experts. This team is organizationally empowered to aggressively attack the talent marketspace. Recruitment Processing Outsourcing Consult (RPO Consult) provides your organization with an experienced recruiting consultant that amplifies your talent acquisition efforts.

How does RPO Consult work?

Once we have developed a comprehensive profile of your organization, culture and growth plan, we find that “perfect match” RPO consultant for your organization. As an in-house employee of SG2 Recruiting, our recruiter works exclusively with your talent hiring team on site. The RPO consultant uses your in-house capabilities and SG2’s proprietary methodologies to deliver the most efficient and effective talent search process in the industry. We transfer to you a “best practice” recruiting organization. This can be an in-house solution or 100% outsourced to SG2.

Which companies use RPO Consult?

  • You are familiar with RPO;
  • You need to reinvent your recruiting approach; and
  • You want to exploit the network effects of having your own “perfect match” in-house recruiter.

RPO Consult reduces your costs, decreases your time-to-hire and seamlessly integrates recruiting personnel into your organization.