RPO Cleared

Is your organization looking to fill more than 3 key positions this year in the cleared space? Then Recruitment Process Outsourcing Cleared (RPO Cleared) is your solution. RPO Cleared is our premium talent search service that delivers top cleared talent to your organization.

How does RPO Cleared work?

Using your position requirements, a dedicated team of sourcers and recruiters scour the market to find you the best cleared talent for your organization. After filtering through a pipeline of candidates generated using our proprietary sourcing methodology, we pre-screen a select few and deliver the best of the best to you for review.

Why would you use RPO Cleared?

  • You are familiar with RPO;
  • You presently have more than three open positions; or
  • You are in need of highly skilled, cleared talent.

RPO Cleared reduces your costs, decreases your time-to-hire and delivers the cleared talent you need to accomplish mission objectives.