Open Positions

Journeyman Network Analyst

This position will support other IC organizations and theater intelligence resources to gather information and share analytic conclusions throughout the IC community. If you are an experienced senior analyst with a passion for the intelligence cycle and analytics, then this position would be ideal for you.

Charlottesville, VA

Identity Intelligence Policy Analyst

The Analyst will provide support in a critical position for the Identity Intelligence Project Office (I2PO) as a policy analyst working on Identity Intelligence (I2) and biometric policies, programs, and supporting working groups.

Pentagon I2PO
Arlington, VA

Novice Network Analyst

This position will support other IC organizations and theater intelligence resources to gather information and share analytic conclusions throughout the IC community. If you are an experienced junior analyst with a passion for the intelligence cycle and analytics, then this position would be ideal for you.

Charlottesville, VA


The SME will provide support in a critical position for the Identity Intelligence Project Office (I2PO) as a subject matter expert on the DoD Biometric-Enabled Watchlist;

Fort Belvoir, VA


The SME shall plan, coordinate, and participate in Identity Intelligence Project Office (I2PO) strategic engagement execution across conventional military and special operations forces, Combatant Commands (CCMDs), International Organizations, and Partner Nations to enable a federated approach to supporting I2 programs.

Pentagon I2PO
Arlington, VA

I2 Architect

The Identity Intelligence Architect shall identify and evaluate emerging Identity Intelligence (I2) capabilities, leverage opportunities to create new capabilities, and facilitate development of future technological capabilities and systems to support I2 initiatives across the DoD.

Pentagon I2PO
Arlington, VA

Identity's Contracts

Counter Insurgency Targeting Program (CITP)

This contract is located at the National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) in Charlottesville, Virginia. The NGIC is part of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command. The NGIC provides scientific and technical intelligence (S&T) and general military intelligence (GMI) on foreign ground forces in support of the warfighting commanders, force and material developers, Department of the Army, Department of Defense, and National-level decision makers. The NGIC also manages the Army's Foreign Materiel Exploitation Program

Identity Intelligence Project Office (I2PO)

The Identity Intelligence Project Office (I2PO) is the Agency focal point for DoD Identity Intelligence (I2). The office is organized to harmonize and advocate for DoD I2 requirements and capabilities, as well as ensure integration with national-level I2 plans and programs. Function for this office include: Defining Policy; ƒ Defining the role of I2 in Post-War Security Environment; Establishing Data Standards; Fostering Interagency; and Foreign Partner Information Sharing

Identity's Identity

Identity Strategy Partners (IdSP) was founded in February 2017 by two identity professionals with unprecedented subject matter expertise and credibility in delivering results that have changed the way governments around the world do business with their residents, travelers and individuals seeking to use their services. Our goal is to be client-side, helping achieve success in the numerous identity challenges that face the world today. We specialize in the the unique nexus between identity solutions and public sector challenges, and how to implement and train on those identity resources. ​ Our core sectors of expertise are strategic planning from both the private and public sector perspectives, architecture of large national identity systems, expertise on the biometric industry, macro and micro policy and operational solutioning, and border homeland security management and operational concepts. ​
Founding partners Janice Kephart and Mark Crego together have nearly 40 combined years leading identity policy and technical expertise. With both having well known, credible public personas and deep knowledge of the industry and its stakeholders, IdSP is uniquely positioned to provide technical and policy guidance at an unprecedented level. Today our core team has 65 years total experience in biometrics and identity. Federal government experience includes Department of Homeland Security US VISIT Chief Architect and Assistant Secretary for Policy consultant, India's UIDIA Aadhaar System architecture, identity resolution (that fixed the well-publicized issues), EU-VIS (Schengen Visa System) development and implementation, US Senate Judiciary Special Counsel for Immigration Reform, 9/11 Commission and its Terror Travel monograph and border recommendations. Private sector leadership includes 19 Congressional testimonies, five years as non-profit national security leader, 18 years global lead for identity at a large integrator, Americas Director of BORDERPOL, founder of the formerly leading trade association, the Secure Identity & Biometrics Association, and homeland security director at a premiere biometrics company. ​
OUR VISION is why we are passionate about what we do
In today's interconnected world, identity strategy helps identify who we are and how we interact as individuals and as nations. IdSP is passionate about the concept that facilitating physical and digital identity is best obtained when it is secured, while accuracy and speed, for example, are best achieved when identity ecosystems are approached in a holistic, synergistic manner across stakeholder needs. Our vision focuses upon tangible deliverables that help institutions and nations deliver timely, secure identity solutions from concept to implementation to upgrading and architecting, while minimizing resource expenditure and political capital. IdSP has a unique position amongst the cross-section between the identity industry, government, think tank and non-profit organizations. IdSP knows that at times either information or solutions are not in sight, but we try to be resourceful enough to figure out the basics, to help solve the complexities.
OUR VALUES guide our work
We believe in teamwork and team-building, that what can be and what should be is our driver, not what is. ​ We are interdisciplinary, bringing holistic and strategic thinking that cuts across policy, stakeholders and technical solutions. ​ We understand every point of view in a room, because we have lived and worked it, and thus respect the value each stakeholder brings to the table.
OUR SERVICES are designed for customer success
Identity Strategy Partners, LLC (IdSP) supports and engages the identity industry and relevant government stakeholders who actively seek to advance identity management and biometric solutions that promote identity protection while enabling the right access to the right identity data to those with the legal right to its access, including identity intelligence. ​ To carry out its mission, IdSP relies upon its world class experience and leadership expertise in providing customized strategic policy, technical consultation, training, marketing, and communication development programs. Our work is assured by adhering to international standards and customer requirements.

Identity's People


Janice Kephart - CEO

Janice Kephart is a co-founder of Identity Strategy Partners (with Mark Crego). Janice is a thought leader, business development professional and entrepreneur with 18 years federal experience and sought after by industry, government, the media and Congress with a passion for solving and articulating complex identity issues around physical IDs, border security and management, aviation security.

mark crego

Mark Crego - Managing Director, Technical

Mark Crego is a co-founder of Identity Strategy Partners (with Janice Kephart) and currently IdSP's Managing Director, Technical. Mark retired from 18 years at Accenture, where he was Master Technology Architect, Partner, and the global Managing Director of Unique Identity Services, with P&L responsibility over $160 million in annual turnover and a community of practice of over 800 people.


Graham Crouch - Vice President, Operations and Identity Intelligence

Graham Crouch is Vice President, Operations and Identity Intelligence with over 10 years of expert identity intelligence training and program management, with an additional specialty in biometric and facial recognition analysis to solve identity matching, resolution, and watchlisting problems. He joins IdSP after seven years with Integral Consulting.


BUDDY GUTHRIE Senior Identity Enterprise Engineer

Buddy Guthrie is IdSP’s Senior Biometric System Engineer with over 15 years of experience in building and improving biometrically enabled watchlists as a customer, end user, architect, developer and shareholder liaison. Buddy has worked extensively on biometric systems for immigration control (DHS US-VISIT), the FBI’s system NGI CJIS, and DoD biometric and watchlist systems.