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Remote Work for ALL Positions

All of the positions are permitted to follow a flexible work schedule. The flexible work schedule provides employees with the ability to work from home. All employees with a security clearance will be allowed to work from home except when needed on client site.

If you are interested in talking to one of our recruiters about the positions above, arrange a 30 minute phone call using the scheduling tool on the right side of this page. 

Where we fall short with just Kubernetes is the actual networking aspect of making sure all these things can actually communicate with each other at a rapid pace with very intricate policies and security procedures,” explained Jonathan Holmes, chief technology officer at Decipher Technology Studios, the company behind, a security-focused service mesh. Because while companies need to have security baked-in, it has to be in a way that works with distributed, ephemeral architectures, ideally without slowing down the development or deployment process.

The New Stack - Emily Omier

Who we are

Our goal is to continuously transform your everyday data into contextual glances, presenting you with timely, relevant information when you need it most on multiple platforms and devices, wherever you are.

We hire people who share our passion, tradecraft, and vision for delivering the highest-quality software to our customers. We hire brilliant, curious, earnest, jacks-of-all-trades with complementary specialities—We don’t hire mediocre. We connect them to peers, put the reins in their hands, and work with them to achieve our collective mission.

Bolstered by an urban start-up culture that is customer-focused, agile, and innovative, we look forward to delivering on the promise of software that is regarded by our customers as the “way of choice” for wanting to adopt trusted, real-time cloud capabilities.

What we do

Secure Data Integration

Decipher knows data. Our open source, Grey Matter-based solutions collect, secure, manage, process, and deliver data on every scale, from mobile platforms to data centers, for both government and commercial clients. From simple automation to complex artificial intelligence, our experts apply world class solutions to real customer problems.

Advanced Microservice Architecture

Decipher builds for the future. Modern computing demands performance, scalability, reliability, and evolvability. We deliver with decades of experience in enterprise software, fluency in proven cloud-native patterns, and the best of today’s web-scale technology. Specialists in the microservice architectural style, we work with clients to transition incrementally and seamlessly from legacy systems, and to remain in touch with the cutting edge.

Professional Services

Decipher personnel have designed, developed, customized, integrated, and delivered leading edge, open source software and technology solutions based on that software. Our range of experience includes creating reusable frameworks, APIs and analytics for collaborative environments, big data secure computer frameworks, data layer processing, and streaming and batch analysis frameworks across Commercial Industry, Defense, Homeland, and Intelligence communities.

We deliver outstanding value to our customers while being a flexible and reliable partner that understands the importance of what needs to be done to achieve the mission. We are well-versed in supporting mission critical technology solutions focused on expressive visual design, perceptive data analysis, and secure multi-sensor totality extending contextual awareness to enterprise-grade solutions.

Enterprise Support

Decipher provides a Grey Matter Enterprise Support Subscription for all existing Grey Matter core capabilities. This includes support for Grey Matter Fabric, Data, Security, and Sense.

The Grey Matter subscription connects customers to our skilled team of Grey Matter and microservice professionals with deep experience running the entire Grey Matter stack and multiple microservices in production enterprise environments.

Historically, developers independently implemented error handling, observability, and security within each application or microservice to ensure the success of inbound and outbound communication requests. However, as different teams repeated the process and coded similar functionality into each application (often using different programming languages), complexity, fragmentation, and security vulnerabilities were introduced into the environment. A service mesh addresses this problem by “outsourcing” the management of service-to-service communication requests to an out-of-process application.

GigaOm Radar Report for Evaluating Service Mesh - Ivan McPhee, Chris Grundemann 8.20.21
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